A Systemic Approach to Impact


United for News supports local media in their transition to digital, fosters the creation and distribution of trusted content, and increases the positive impact of quality content on the well-being of citizens, communities, native businesses and governments.

United for News began with a hypothesis - quality, local media is critical to the healthy evolution of media markets, at both the local and global levels. 


To test that hypothesis, we conducted a series of stakeholder interviews with key constituents including mobile operators, advertisers, media organizations, academics, and media development experts.

The results of these interviews are affirming. The need to support and sustain local media emerges as a clear, shared concern across markets, stakeholders and regions. 

Key Initiatives

The coalition has undertaken a set of focused initiatives that fall into two overarching categories of concern – supporting the sustainability of media and rebuilding trust.  We believe working across these two interdependent and mutually supportive categories will deliver systemic impact.


Sustainability: Evolving Digital Advertising for Quality Media

The goal of United for News’ sustainability initiatives is to create a global platform of reputable media at all levels of the market against which brands and agencies can direct a greater share of their digital advertising budget. In doing so, advertisers help sustain local and national media, while investing in brand safe marketing channels. This work is inspired by efforts currently underway by Vodafone Group.

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Trust: amplifying women’s voice in media

It is widely documented that women’s voices, particularly women’s authoritative voice, are largely left out of news reporting globally. United for News’ trust initiative aims to increase the frequency that female experts are quoted in news reporting around the world, guided by the understanding that news that reflects the makeup and viewpoints of the broad community accrues greater trust.

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Pilot markets

While this work is truly global, we recognize that solutions are most effective when they reflect local and regional needs. Pilot markets from diverse regions will be selected to refine the work of the initiatives in specific media contexts, while informing broader global engagement.


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