United for News is committed to transforming media markets around the world so that citizens, businesses and governments everywhere can benefit from the positive impact of high-quality, local news and information.


Our Partners

The Internet we build is a reflection of the world we want to live in, and United for News is pointing the way toward a better, healthier Internet and society. Building sustainable business models that reward quality creators and brands, respect citizens’ rights, and support strong values is incredibly important, and AppNexus is thrilled to partner with United for News in bringing this better Internet to life.
— Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus
United for News addresses the preservation of a free, local press which is in and of itself the cornerstone of a democracy. In a world where the words “fake news” have come to mean “other people’s opinions” its vital to nurture and grow news organizations with journalists who have feet on the ground and can report the truth.
United for News helps strengthen local news organizations.
— John Montgomery, EVP of Global Brand Safety, GroupM
United for News is addressing two important trends – the desire by big advertisers to support independent, media (and avoid fake news) and the emergence of a growing number of socially-minded entrepreneurial journalism projects made possible by the Internet. Connecting these two forces holds the promise of helping these startups achieve sustainability while empowering big brands to reach new audiences through trusted sources.
— Janine Warner, Co-Founder, SembraMedia